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Two Weekends GOLD Residential- Multi Activity (Henley Fort)

GOLD DofE Residential (Two Weekends) - Multi Activity (Henley Fort)

GOLD DofE Residential (Two Weekends) - Multi Activity (Henley Fort)

To book this course, consisting of TWO weekends, click on the select date box and the dates of the two weekends will show.

Two Weekends GOLD Residential Award Course
£365 per person
Each weekend will run from 5pm on Friday through until  approximately 3:30pm on Sunday (DofE rules), so each participant will need to ensure that they are able to attend at these times before booking.
Participants will meet other Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates and experience a range of exciting, challenging and fun outdoor activities.
During the course, you will have the opportunity to develop a range of interpersonal skills and activity skills developing you own interests in adventurous activities.
An important part of the course is that it provides the opportunity to meet new people in an unfamiliar environment. You will be living and working with others, building new relationships and working as part of a team. It is for this reason that the Duke of Edinburgh Award recommend that only a small minority of those taking part should be known to the participant  (ie participants should only know one other person on the same course). 
All meals, accommodation and equipment are included.

You will need your DofE Details to complete this booking ie School address, DofE coordinator name and email and your eDofE login number.
NB We will need a minimum of 8 applicants, two weeks before the start date, for this course to run.
We do not accept Childcare Vouchers for this course.