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GOLD DofE Residential (Week) Cooking and Outdoor Activities (Henley Fort)

GOLD DofE Residential (Week) Cooking and Outdoor Activities (Henley Fort)

Join us for our Cooking and Outdoor Activities residential, where you'll get to explore new cooking skills and engage in exciting outdoor adventures.

Participants can explore the art of cooking in various environments, both indoors and outdoors

This unique setting provides the opportunity to expand culinary skills while adapting to different kitchen spaces and group sizes, crucial for future cooking endeavours.

From mastering cooking from scratch to perfecting food hygiene practices, attendees can gain an in-depth understanding of culinary principles.

Whether preparing meals in a canal boat kitchen or crafting pizza over an open flame outdoors, this hands-on experience offers a professional approach to cooking that can be applied in any setting.

Spend a week learning how to prepare basic family meals while embracing a zero-waste approach to food. 
You'll have the opportunity to plan a week's worth of nutritious meals, cook a variety of delicious main courses, and enjoy making sweet treats in the kitchen. 
Some of the dishes you'll learn include a classic roast dinner, family-sized pie with vegetables, pasta dishes, pizzas, and a creative leftovers curry. 
Sweet treats will feature flapjacks, gingerbread, basic sponge cakes, and chocolate brownies.

Each day, you'll also participate in an outdoor activity designed to foster team building and give you a refreshing break from the kitchen.
Activities may include a challenge course (low ropes), archery, orienteering, climbing, and woodland skills, which might even involve some outdoor cooking.

Come join us for a week of fun, learning, and adventure!

All equipment, food and accommodation is included £365pp

NB We will need a minimum of 8 applicants, two weeks before the start date, for this course to run.
We usually notify applicants four weeks before the course if it is in danger of not running due to low numbers.
We do not accept Childcare Vouchers for this course.